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The first book to showcase the contemporary Shunga by swedish artist Senju. His erotic imagery is daring, sometimes provocative yet never fails to incorporate intimacy and the human heart. This limited edition high quality book is the premiere release from OKAASAN BOOKS.

SHUNGA- contemporary views of the secret garden

During the early autmn of 2018 we will release a new and unique art book. A group of all female artists will share their interpretation of  classic Japanese erotic art – Shunga. This project has all the promises of something truly groundbreaking. Stay tuned for more info in the near future.

Our Books

The books on Japanese art and culture created by OKAASAN BOOKS always reflect the way we explore and experience. We have let go of the objective and treasure the subjective, acknowledging our readers as the creators of the private and personal universes our books help them build. We treasure tradition and history but fully understand that everything is subject to constant change and re-interpretation. OKAASAN BOOKS seeks to bridge Then and Now and trace the spirit of creativity within the human heart.

Our books are created as indiviual works of art, each title carefully crafted and designed to embrace the world that unfolds within its covers. We believe in limited editions as a way to find closure and new beginnings. OKAASAN BOOKS loves paper, print and design and every book is a child of our living imagination and our deepest desires.

We have stories we want to share with you.  Sometimes about a certain artist, sometimes about a certain art form. At other times we want to interpret what it is that makes us humans create and sometimes destroy. As creators of the books we believe deserves to born into this world, we will also colour our work and efforts with what we believe in.