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sakura, cherry blossoms. yokohama

The Shunga book project is evolving. As we are still trotting through piles of snow up here in the Swedish north what warms our wintery hearts is the amazing interest and energy that is generated by our female artist Shunga book project. A list of artists that started out in all humbleness is now steadily growing into something wonderful and unique. With very few exceptions each and every artist we have presented the idea to has so far said Yes!. Not only is this book project unique in the way that it chooses to explore an art genre historically dominated by male artists, but it also promises a wide variety of wonderful artists that would most likely never be featured together in any other project. We are constantly searching for further artists to add to the line up and every choice we make seem to lead us into new and exiting creative avenues.

Not only are we presented with the opportunity to work with people that we have known, respected and admired for quite some tie now, but we are also given the wonderful gift of discovering other female artists, established or emerging, and take part of their creative worlds. It is our firm belief that this book will be a great success and hopefully pave the way for other and equally strong portrayals of art created by women globally.

It is with the greatest pride we present this updated and revised list of great artists. We do so with the promise that further names will be added in the near future.

/Senju and Anna

Aiko Robinson (Japan)

Alix Ge (France)

Anna Sandberg (Sweden)

Apollonia Saintclair

Aya Nekome (Japan)

Ayako Yonemitsu (Japan)

Barbara Munster (Netherlands)

Brooke Steele (Australia)

Claudia De Sabe (UK)

Carolina Angel (Spain)

Debora Visco (Italy)

Deni Balbino (UK)

Frida Castelli (Italy)

Giada Wood (Italy)

Giulia Frederica Dardani (US)

Giulia Montanari (Italy)

Guen Douglas (Germany)

Horiuki (Japan)

Human CHUO (France)

Jennifer Liles (Canada)

Junii Salmon (US)

Kanae Nishiyama (UK)

Lina Stigsson (Netherlands)

Manekistefy (Italy)

Marie Makowski (US)

Marijana Cafaro (Germany)

Maryam Gohar (Iran)

Naoko Matsuda (Germany)

Natalia Giavedoni (Spain)

Nathalie Verdon (Switzerland)

Nella Kent (Greece)

Nikole Lowe (UK)

Patricia Palmer (Spain)

Rea Armeniakou (UK)

Sabine Gaffron (Switzerland)

Sage Seiji Timm-Mendoza (US)

Susan Nygren (Sweden)

Som Nakburin (Australia)

Tina Jiang (US)

Tina Maria Elena Bak (Denmark)

Titine Leu (Switzerland)

Tsubaki Anna (Japan)

Valeria Ko (Russia)

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