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As the Shunga book project is finding its shape and form we are proud to announce a preliminary list of the wonderful artists that has so far confirmed their interest in contributing to this unique and all female artist book of contemporary Shunga. We are still awaiting answers from several artists and their list may change and most likely grow during the months leading up to the announced deadline for submitting artwork. The response to our call for submissions has been overwhelmingly great and we can now move into the next phase which among other things include design, writing and further planning. Where to have the official launch? Shall we try to turn the collection of works into an exhibition? The possibilities seems endless and the energy generated in project like this is contagious and empowering.

It is our sincere hope that this book will signal a new era of female voices being present, and more importantly being heard, within art genres and communities who has until now been dominated by men. This book will surely be the start of new ways of thinking for many of its readers and we believe its spread and impact to be of importance to the evolution of many forms of contemporary arts. As erotic art has historically not been a genre where women have been given a strong voice, and the fact that most artists in this book are not usually specializing in the emotional  and  aesthatic expression of erotica, it will be all the more interesting to view the personal conclusions and experimentations of each and every contributing artist. To be honest, we have absolutely no idea or clue as to what any individual artist will create and it is this uncertainty that makes us shiver with anticipation. The one thing we can all be certain of, is that this book will be exceptional!

During the process of the creation of this book we will add links to all the artists contributing, as well as offering sneak peeks of their contributions.

List of artist confirmed so far: (in alphabetical order. Country is listed as the one where the artist is resident)

Alix Ge (France)

anna Melo (US)

Anna Sandberg (Sweden)

Barbara Munster (Netherlands)

Brooke Steele (Australia)

Carolina Angel (Spain)

Claudia Desabe (UK)

Debora Visco (Italy)

Deni Balbino (UK)

Frida Castelli (Italy)

Giada Wood (Italy)

Giulia Frederica Dardani (US)

Guen Douglas (Germany)

Horiuki (Japan)

Jennifer Liles (Canada)

Junii Salmon (US)

Kanae Nishiyama (UK)

Lina Stigsson (Netherlands)

Manekistefy (Italy)

Marie Makowski (US)

Marijana Cafaro (Germany)

Maryam Gohar (Iran)

Naoko Matsuda (Germany)

Natalia Giavedoni (Spain)

Natalie Verdon (Switzerland)

Nikole Lowe (UK)

Rea Armniakou (UK)

Sabine Gaffron (Switzerland)

Sage Timm-Mendoza (US)

Susan Nygren (Sweden)

Som Nakburin (Australia)

Tina Jiang (US)

Tina Maria Elena Bak (Denmark)

Titine Leu (Switzerland)

Tsubaki Anna (Japan)

This list will most likely be subject to additions and changes in the coming months leading up to deadline.

/Senju And Anna