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144 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, high quality soft cover featuring more than 50 paintings spanning Senju’s work between 2013-2017.

Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies.

The first 200 copies are signed by the artist and contains 3 specially selected A4 size prints representing his range of work

Designed by the artist and OKAASAN BOOKS

Printed by Göteborgstryckeriet, Sweden.

Release date: First week in Febraury 2018.


“Kagami” is lavishly illustrated with the contemporary erotic art work of Senju (Matti Sandberg). Each painting is accompanied by text describing the work and explaining the ideas behind it. There will also be a biography of the artist and a view into what mechanisms and emotions triggers his choice of subject matter and the design work behind individual works of art.

The book is printed by Göteborgstryckeriet in Gothenburg, Sweden, using a Japanese Komori press which ensures the absolutely highest quality.

Senju’s erotic art springs out of the Japanese tradition of Shunga, a form of pornography that was highly popular in 17-1800’s Japan. He adds, subtracts and updates but never looses sight of the traditional. Being a tattoo artist for 27 years of which 17 was dedicated solely to  Irezumi, the traditional Japanese tattoo, lends him insight into the culture, art and folklore that shaped the foundation of what he is currently exploring. The old stories, the poetry and the beauty are all parts of his palette when designing. At the core of his work lies the human condition and perhaps his work is a way to explore and examine such things as trust, sensitivity, passion, love and vulnerability.